Resolution and Promises as a Junior Reporter
Resolution and Promises as a Junior Reporter
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:52
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First of all, I would like to say that it is such an honor to be selected as one of the newbies of The Postech Times 2015. Since my childhood, I have always admired journalists and reporters because they are capable of choosing information that they want the society to know. This is a great authority, considering how the society nowadays is heavily information-oriented.
However, as it is said, great power comes with great responsibility. The Postech Times writes articles about many things, such as the interviews with professors, students and celebrities, which can be read by anyone, including the people outside of the university. Therefore, The Postech Times helps determine what kind of public image POSTECH should carry. Considering how many students and researchers choose to come to study at POSTECH because of its reputation, The Postech Times definitely carries a heavy responsibility.
I strongly claim for myself that I have volunteered with enthusiasm and modesty. As a fresh-minded newbie, I will passionately learn to be a reliable journalist.
I think writing skill is the first and foremost quality of a good reporter. Therefore, I will read and imitate good sentences from the worldly renowned newspapers such as The New York Times and International Herald. This will help me to write sentences of wide ranging words and develop a good style of writing.
Since The Postech Times writes newspapers that represent POSTECH, I think the articles that are put up should be educational and present an opportunity for readers to contemplate. At the same time, they have to be interesting and easy for readers to understand, even if the articles are not about their majors. Therefore, I will continuously search for fascinating topics that can enlighten me and the readers. I especially would like to research and write articles about what is going on in the world of space engineering. Interviewing researchers from NASA about the projects they are working on is my ultimate goal.
Finally, as I am aware that the information that reporters deliver should always be truthful and honest, I hereby vow that from now on, every article that I write will only be originated from true facts and original interviews.