Resolution as a Cub Reporter to Dedicate Myself to The Postech Times
Resolution as a Cub Reporter to Dedicate Myself to The Postech Times
  • Reporter Yun Seok-chan
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:51
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I am both very pleased and honored to introduce myself to you as a new English reporter of The Postech Times. I’m in class 5 and I’m majoring in chemical engineering. I spent approximately 7 years of my life in a city named Qingdao, China. Although the figure 7 years looks long enough for me to speak Chinese like a native, I feel more comfortable with speaking English and most comfortable with Korean. Still, I believe that my experiences that I built in China and the ability to speak and understand multiple languages will be helpful if I have a chance to interview people living overseas.
Will I be able to do well in The Postech Times? That was the first question I asked myself before I submitted my application form to The Postech Times. There were various factors that caused me an internal conflict on whether or not to apply for this organization. I was worried that I might not be able to spend enough time and energy on my job due to burdensome assignments. I was concerned because I have difficulties deciding what to write about. But above all, lack of experience as a reporter made me hesitate until the last minute since I certainly did not want to be the one who spoils the reputation of the organization. However, as the well-known maxims “Nobody is perfect” and “Practice makes perfect” imply, even though I might not be guaranteed to excel at first, I will at some point because I will do everything the position requires and more to develop my abilities as a reporter.
During the interview session for the cub reporters, I was told that there are not many students that actually read what we write, and then I was also asked “How can we increase the number of our regular readers?” I felt it was the question that I will constantly have to ponder over during my entire career as a reporter. From the perspective of the reader, I guess the reason why I would refuse to read is that it is not fun. So I feel that adding some contents that deal with subjects a great number of Postechians can sympathize with and that can entertain them is very significant. Thus, I hereby want to promise that I will never be negligent upon my duties to devise ways to make our newspapers more appealing to the readers. And at some point of my career, I hope to see more readers of our newspapers than non-readers.
Lastly, I just want to thank you all for this wonderful coincidence that allowed you and me to meet and befriend each other. Thank you.