FEATURE: Fashion in Our Life
FEATURE: Fashion in Our Life
  • Reporter Na-eun Kwon
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How Colors Affect Your Image
What kind of color did you choose to wear this morning? Why did you choose to wear that color? Did it affect others’ perspective of you? According to the book “Colour Your Life: How to Use Colour Reflection Reading for Insight and Healing” by Howard Sun and Dorothy Sun, color has power. It can either stimulate or calm people. Also, it may deliver agony or joy. In other words, it affects people’s mind. For example, the President Park frequently chooses to wear pink clothing. Commonly, people do not wear pink when they have formal meetings. However, she chooses this color to counter strict images and create a persona of softness and warmth. Furthermore, she tries to accentuate the importance of communication with citizens. Below are a few more examples of how colors affect us.
Red is extroverted and energetic. It gives the feeling that you are ready to take a step with confidence. Usually people who like to initiate and enjoy dramatic reversal like to wear red. In addition, it tends to draw attention from others. Thus, if you like to wear red, you may want to present an image of passion, intensity, or strength. It may also be related to strong sexual sensuality.
Orange is not as strong as red, but it is also vital and energetic. Those, who are brave and adventurous, tend to like orange. They are sometimes firm and decisive but very humorous.
Intelligent and academic people frequently wear yellow. Moreover, authoritative and controlling people tend to like this color, too. Yellow opens up the mind and stimulates curiosity about details. It brings light since it is similar to sunlight, so it is likely to draw out people’s positive and optimistic qualities.
Green creates a calm, imperturbable, and harmonic atmosphere. Green represents harmony and peace. Those who like green usually follow a classic pattern: they do not like to stand out and they are obsessed with right behaviors and decent manners. Also, they enjoy the stability provided by nature.
Wearing blue could represent the pursuit of spiritual belief and order. It expresses peace, placidity, silence, and even solitude. Moreover, it never intimidates others. People who wear blue treat honesty and loyalty as precious values.
Violet triggers pride, dignity, and self-esteem. Catholic priests used to wear this to represent holiness and humility. It is sometimes connected with wealth, luxury, and sovereignty since it seems to be related with richness. A lot of artists relish this color because of their tendency to pursue creativity and spirituality.
Brown is connected to ruggedness, firmness, and stability. In order to make brown, people need to blend red and black. Therefore, brown takes a lot of characteristics from those two colors. Brown is a solid color and represents a sound basis about the future, which is similar to positive red. It also represents authority and internal confidence, which is similar to black. People, who adorn themselves in brown, are generally devoted to their work, family, and friends. In a positive manner, they tend to be realistic and materialistic. Nevertheless, in a negative manner, they may be anxious and insecure.