Become a Communicative Leader
Become a Communicative Leader
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.03.04 17:23
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Human beings are social beings. People make and live in groups. Every group has a leader, and there are two types of leaders. The first type of leader believes his ability so much that he thinks he can do everything for himself. Because of his arrogance, the leader ignores other members of the group, which creates disharmony. The second type of leader has self-awareness of his competence. This type of leader relies on and believes in others, which leads to the development of the group. In the other words, the leader communicates with the members. Postechians, who have potential to be leaders, should become the second type of leader.
Only the leader, who knows himself, can become the second type of leader. Even though knowledge of oneself could be defined or described in various ways, in this column it is determining what one can do and cannot do. Several celebrities say that you can do everything you want. Frankly speaking, it is nonsense. One person has limited ability and specialized field. One man cannot do everything. This does not mean that you should limit yourself, but you should acknowledge your limits. Also, determining what you can do is important. Determining and developing your merits gives you power to enable the members to believe you as a leader.
A group’s goal is achieved through acknowledgment. As improper communication causes results, unaligned with the goal, confirming what is proper communication is important. Proper communication begins with the proper attitude about the members. People often think communication is hearing and speaking. These are just behaviors of “talking”. Communication is different  from talking. Communication starts in a person’s mind. When people meet each other, they decide whether the other party is fit for them or not. You can feel ignored by the other members, but understanding them and facing them are communication. From understanding, the communication starts.
Recently, POSTECH has experienced growing pains about, in the view of students, the hard line of the principal. The hard line is from the absence of communication or incorrect communication. Dear Postechians, this column is the tip of an iceberg.  Efforts to be the second type of leader are necessary if leaders want to communicate effectively with their members. Learn what is wrong and what is right in POSTECH and become a proper leader for Korea and the world.