POSTECH Turns out Fellow of American Physics Society
POSTECH Turns out Fellow of American Physics Society
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:29
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 Professor Sang-Joon Lee (ME) was named a fellow in the prestigious American Physics Society (APS). APS selects less than 0.5 percent of those with full memberships as a fellow through strict examination.
Prof. Lee developed X-ray PIV, Particle Image Velocimetry, and holographic PIV to measure and visualize the flow of fluid. Biological Flows measure the velocity and flow of water or blood inside opaque material. Until now, MRI has been used but its spatial resolution and time resolution are not good at measuring accurately. Prof. Lee improved X-ray image technology and developed particles that trace movement. His result may assist early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, fuel cell development, the efficiency of grain production, etc.
Prof. Lee has published over three hundred theses in famous international journals and has received awards from many societies of academia, such as The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Korean Society of Visualization, and Biomedical Engineering Society for Circulation. He was also appointed a fellow of POSTECH in 2010.

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