Advice about University Life
Advice about University Life
  • Ye Jin Reo (CHEM 11)
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:24
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When people hear the words “university life,” they probably will feel joy, excitement, and romanticism.  Thus, they want to continue their lives as undergraduates until they die. I just ended the most immature but bright days of my life and probably many readers are on the way. They are the ones envied by not only older people but also adolescents. Accordingly, they need to enjoy this time and make many unforgettable memories. As a person one step higher on the stairs called life, there is some advice I can give to the younger generation.
Firstly, have various experiences. Undergraduates are new adults and free of the burden of preparing to enter university. They are able to apply for and feel many experiences provided. They can join clubs in the university to learn what they could not during the high school. They can also do activities outside of the school, contests, part time jobs, and volunteer services, and travel.  Some students complain that they do not have enough time to experience other activities because of their studies. However, they know that is nonsense if they see other friends who are doing many things very well.  The more they see, feel and hear about society and life, the easier it is to figure out how they should live and what they want to be in the future. Even if they don’t gain anything profound from a certain experience, trying is better than living with the regret that they did not have the experience.
Then, it is also good to have one unique memory which they can think of the university life in the future. We cannot be good at everything; however, I believe there should be one experience representing each person’s university life. In my case, it is traveling abroad with my friends. Using the vacation efficiently, I went to one new country each vacation and learned the history, society, and culture of the countries. Since I thought I would have no more long vacations after graduating, I visited as many countries as possible. 
Finally, I recommend people to experience failure and pain. No one wants to be hurt. However, they should not hesitate to participate in activities because of the fear of failure in the future. I wonder whether there is a person who does not experience failure in his or her life and whether they truly live well. Failure helps us think about how we have to behave and becomes a source of motivation to do better in the future. Those who have experienced it also understand the pain of others and refrain from treating them harshly. The younger people are when face failure, the faster they recover from the pain.
University life is the time for experience and development. I advise students to have confidence and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.