Precious Memories and New Start
Precious Memories and New Start
  • Park Tae-yoon (CE 11)
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:23
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First of all, I congratulate all Postechians who graduated, including myself. All Postechians deserve congratulations on their graduation in that they had won the victory over themselves with their colleagues. For this reason, it is one of the most valuable times in their life. When I was asked to write an article for the graduation issue, I thought it would make my graduation more honorable, but was concerned about what to say as a representative writer at the same time. After considerable thought, I decided to look back on my old days in campus and tell how I felt in those days.
Half filled with anticipation and half filed with uneasiness, I stepped into a campus four years ago. Before the first semester began, I had been too worried about being left behind academically and being alone among outstanding students. I made up my mind to concentrate on studies without any other extracurricular activities. When the semester began, the difficulty of classes discouraged me. I will never forget the shock of epsilon-delta concept in Calculus class. At that time, a classmate found me frustrated and explained the concept and why it is important by himself. I experienced many students giving me a hand when I got stuck on problems or concepts. Of course, I also helped others, too. Looking back at that time, I realize these processes were a type of training in which we could develop the communication method and mature by helping each other.
In addition, extracurricular activities are important to invigorate a campus life. Many students participated in several clubs, a student union, or the newspaper. I put my passion into the English newspaper of POSTECH, The Postech Times, as a reporter. At first, it was difficult for me to write articles in English and find out what readers want to read, but I found myself genuinely enjoying this work and became an editor-in-chief as a junior. I realized that all Postechians loved their works without any pay, such as preparing festivals or freshmen orientation, giving performances, and publishing newspapers. There was passion beyond studying for them.
As the university specializes in science and technology, I wanted to experience what research is and participated in the Undergraduate Research Program (URP). This is one of the greatest opportunities for undergraduates to check whether research activities suite them. POSTECH provides students with numerous programs, despite the limitation of geographic location.
As one thing comes to an end, another begins. The experience and memories in POSTECH will be the nourishment for our future. Again, congratulations on our graduation!