What are the Changes of the Remodeled Dormitory
What are the Changes of the Remodeled Dormitory
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:21
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Since 2012, POSTECH has remodeled several student dormitories. Now, dormitories’ buiilding 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 have been remodeled and the remaining old dormitories are scheduled to be remodeled for some years ahead. The purposes of remodeling are to create a more pleasant environment, add insufficient students’ facilities, and reinforce the safety systems to prevent fires and other accidents. Improved space management, new furniture, and the system of heating and electricity are major changes of remodeling.
First, through remodeling, the restroom and laundry room have been changed. The unnecessary portion of the laundry room was used to create a larger public restroom. For student’s convenience, new fitting rooms  were formed and old washstands and shower taps were replaced by new ones. There are now more toilets and urinals and the space efficiency is maximized. The lounge for students has also been improved. The greatest change is the new sink and kitchen. Through new kitchen equipment, water purifier, and sink, students can cook and take a rest in a pleasant environment.
Second, bedroom has new furniture for students. The beds, desks, chairs, drawers, closets, etc. have all been replaced. Also, a new door lock system that reinforces the security system of personal bedroom was installed.
Third, heating and electrical systems have been improved. New boiler systems were installed in bedroom floors and students can now take off their shoes in the room. Also, double windows were installed to improve insulation. Moreover, to secure the bedroom’s space, heating systems were installed on the ceiling. A new electrical system designed to save electricity was also introduced. It is an automatic electricity control system with motion detectors. When people don’t move or work for some time, lights and other electronic devices shut off automatically.
The Postech Times interviewed three Postechians, Oh Tae-koo (PHYS 09), Kim Moo Bum (ME 10) and Lee Jun Sang (CE 12), about the remodeling.
They all said that the merit of remodeling is being able to take off their shoes in their room and they can live in their dormitory more comfortable than before. Oh Tae-koo also said he can cook some dishes using the new equipment in the lounge, and Kim Moo Bum chose the double window as a merit because of the warmth it preserves.
On the other hand, all three Postechians mentioned the automated electrical system as an uncomfortable thing. Oh Tae-koo said lights turned off frequently when he was in the lounge and Lee Jun Sang was uncomfortable because of the point that his cellular phone and laptop were not charged if he wasn’t in the room and moving. Kim Moo Bum said he was uncomfortable because the number of wall sockets decreased and the drawers under the bed have many parts that collect dust. He also said the space to put his shoes is too narrow when the door is opened.