2015 New Year’s Messages from Postechians
2015 New Year’s Messages from Postechians
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First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave firm support to the Faculty Senate.
Thanks to each member’s dedication in POSTECH’s reaching the top over the past 29 years, our university has placed its roots to become a globally outstanding university. Now is the time for our creative flower to bloom. However, it is difficult for anyone to predict where we will be in a quarter of a century. It depends on our present actions on whether we can cultivate healthy fruits that become the center of society, or that destroys even our roots. At this moment, we need to gather ideas about how to promote POSTECH’s next leap forward and figure out how to implement those ideas. The organization’s success is clear as crystal only if the leader’s charismatic and respectful leadership achieves harmony with the members’ enthusiastic participation. Last year, there were various opinions expressed about POSTECH’s leadership. Some of those opinions may have been caused by a lack of understanding. POSTECH is a university composed of approximately four thousand members, which can create an environment where the members can trust each other and be harmonious. However, there have been signs of hostility and actions of negligence upon the opponents’ policies or suggestions. To minimize the hostility, the leader needs to logically explain his policy, and the members need to sincerely respond with comprehension and participation. In order to receive the support of the members, the courage to dive into the opposing fire with no armor is necessary. A scar caused by genuine determination will become a strong tool to persuade members. We desire for a leader who gives hope to the members. The problems we may face are not only limited to the leader. All the members of POSTECH also need to understand those they disagree with and communicate frankly yet respectfully. Now is a time in which we need everyone’s resolute decision to sacrifice individual profits and consider what is best for the organization’s rational development.
I hope to see a “Golden Whale” that vigorously swims above the blue waves of Young-il Bay. Imagine not just one, but four thousand “Golden Whales” moving together. Who would go against that El Dorado? If there is a member who does refuse, that person has simply fallen in obstinacy. As a last remark, I hope next year would be the one in which we understand and respect each other. I hope that we will be able to break away from the hostility and once again strive for the top.

Professor Changill Ban (CHEM)
 Chairman of the Faculty Senate

Last year, there were a lot of unfortunate events externally such as the Sewol Ferry disaster, misuse of authority, and destroyed buildings. Nevertheless, the university itself was in commotion with a variety of events occurring such as difficulty in expansion of finances, recruitment of professors, industry student loan, and the issue regarding the President’s reappointment. However, we were able to conclude the year successfully thanks to many people’s passionate participation and communication.
This year, I would like to express the staffs?hope, and POSTECH’s dream. Although the saying, “enthusiastic mind brings success” may seem unrealistic and childish, I want to believe that it may work like abracadabra.
First, professors who are in charge of education and research will, in 2015, increase the number of theses published on globally known journals such as Science, Nature, and Cell, and will be announced as candidates for the Nobel Prize. Second, there will be a flood of research requests both globally and domestically, so many that we will have to deny many of the requests. Third, POSTECH will rank within the top 20 universities globally without any special external activities.
And to the staff members who are at the center of the university’s administration, through the transparent and fair personnel affairs system, hopefully there will be fair promotion. Second, the communication with the President will become more comfortable and gentle. Third, the diverse statuses will become one so that the distrust, slander and disharmony between permanent position and temporary position workers disappear. And eventually, due to permanent position and recruitment policy, our job positions will become more favorable than those of Samsung. Fourth, there will be trips and programs for retirement, programs with well-known speakers, healthcare and sports programs, and such to boost staff motivation and welfare, so that all staff members will become one. I also imagine that the University Senate, Faculty Senate, Workplace Council, Undergraduate Association, and Labor Union will all respect each other and work together in one accord for the development of POSTECH.
Lastly, for the students who are the future of the university, an environment in which students can dream endlessly and reach their goals will be provided, and a variety of international cultures will co-exist among different races. Through the industry-academic cooperation, the university’s principles will go to the institute, then to the industry, and this will become a cycle to create a world class venture like Google, Apple, or Alibaba. I have this dream that I will be able to see this happening on our very own campus.
Dream! If we sincerely pursue it, it will come true. Let’s make POSTECH into the future we all want. There are a lot of different statuses and opinions, but that is not important. Under the big umbrella of POSTECH, under the basis of our university’s founding philosophy and foundational background, we will definitely grow and develop.
Dear staff members! Let’s shake off the regrets, sorrows, loneliness, and helplessness of last year, and in 2015 establish a new POSTECH for the new leap, for the sake of  the nation and the international society, and our happiness.
Kim Gi Jong
(Information Technology Services)
Chairman of the POSTECH Workplace Council

The year 2014 full of events has gone and the year 2015 has arrived. Even though the year of the dynamic horse has gone and the year of the tame sheep has arrived, I hope POSTECH will meet an even more dynamic year.
Recently, signs of economic difficulty have emerged in our country. Our position as the greatest cellphone industry is in danger of being overcome by China, and even in the automobile industry, we are in difficulties due to the slow response to the field of eco-friendly automobiles. Moreover, there has been a decrease in demand for steel from our local companies such as POSCO, slowing down their growth.
In order to overcome these situations, the interest for creative economy and growth in venture companies has increased. In order to enforce such measures, each local government in the nation is individually collaborating with major companies to establish the Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, and is in preparation for the 2nd venture boom. In order to match the cross-nationally actions, POSCO and Pohang City have announced the opening of the Center for Creative Economy & Innovation. The President of Korea has recently visited the center. Additionally, in the second half of year 2013, there has been a collaboration (political, industrial, academia, etc.) MOU event for the promotion of Pohang’s strong yet small industries, and a public hearing for the bill. In 2015, there will probably be more efforts to specifically promote a creative economy, and venture companies’ growth.
For these movements, I believe POSTECH plays an important role. Innovation has been POSTECH’s specialty since its establishment. On a different level, it has been our fate even before that. When POSCO, which established POSTECH, was established in 1968, it was actually a venture company. Although most global and domestic professionals all gave negative opinions regarding the establishment of a steel company in Korea, with the thought that anything can be done, the impossible became possible. POSTECH has been able to break the thought that a noble university cannot be established in a rural region, and has now settled down as a prestigious university that focuses on research. With this background, POSTECH needs to lead the new venture culture. As it has set the standard of a research centered university in the past, it is time for POSTECH to lead the way for establishing strong yet small venture companies that are globally competitive.
To accomplish this, I hope everyone in POSTECH will produce one voice for a new leap forward in 2015. As we head towards the 30th anniversary, I am looking forward to POSTECH’s 2nd leap.

Jae-Hong Park
CEO of Pmgrow
President of POSTECH Alumni Association

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for being elected as the President of the Graduate Student Association and New Year’s greeting. I hope everyone has fruitful outcomes whether it’s with continuous or new work.
The Graduate Student Association has worked to create an environment in which Postechians can focus on studying and researching. We have tried to abolish the policy that students over 8 semesters have to pay twice the amount of dormitory fees, and the university has showed a postiive response. Apart from that, in order to create a better academic atmosphere, we have surveyed the current laboratory status, and this has lead our university to participate in the Presidential Committee on Young Generation’s Graduate Students’ Bill of Rights. Over the past year, there have been policies which have been satisfactory, while there were also some with flaws. I hope to supplement the unsatisfactory policies to help make POSTECH a place where we can focus on studying and research.
We have been able to true to the name of number one natural sciences and engineering university locally, and number one in the “Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 Ranking” with the effort of not one person, but everyone. This achievement has been reached through our students’ effort day and night on research, their advisors and professors who are working hard for the development of science, and staff members who have worked for the development of POSTECH. They have all lead our university to success in an enthusiastic and passionate manner.
It is more difficult to maintain the position at the top than to reach it. We need to continuously strive to develop, rather than being satisfied with our past achievements. For another leap for POSTECH, everyone needs to work hard.
Lastly, I hope everyone great year and we all achieve our desires.

Graduate Student Association President
Koo, Taewoan (SEE Ph.D candidate)

The year of the green sheep has come. Compared to the last year’s dynamic green horse, this year’s green sheep, which symbolizes purity, cooperation, and understanding, has come and given a hint about what POSTECH really needs. In order for POSTECH to maintain its prestigious status, it is essential that its members try to communicate among themselves and try to be understanding.
For all of POSTECH’s 29 years, many people have been investing countless effort into the university’s development. Although the members are slightly different every year, everyone’s passion and enthusiasm is melted in POSTECH’s culture, and stained within the university. As we follow the example and actively participate in such a culture, we would like to express our gratitude to professors, staff members, and students. We also regard our university’s culture with pride and consider how we can be respectful Postechians. Thus, we are glad to devote ourselves to the university’s development. It is an honor to lead the POSTECH Undergrduate Association and to be in such a great position to see the university develop.
Since POSTECH’s establishment, POSTECH has become in line with the world-leading universities. In 2015, we all need to work on the internal communication and harmony. External activities go without saying. For a university that is continuously changing by the minute. It is important for us to continuously understand and communicate with each other. In this sense, the year of the green sheep is a good chance for those who have been focusing outside of POSTECH to look at the internal network. If we all do our best at our position and can sincerely communicate with each other, POSTECH will surely be able to leap higher. The year 2015, the year of the green sheep, will surely be a year of communication and cooperation, a year full of goodness. We hope all of your goals this year are achieved and wish you all a great 2015.

29th POSTECH Undergraduate Association President Lee Won Jong (IME 13)/
Vice President Kim Tae Hwa (CiTE 13)