The Subtle yet Special Memories of Year 2014
The Subtle yet Special Memories of Year 2014
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What kind of memories were special to you in 2014? The Postech Times selected a few memories from all Postechians, including faculty, staff, and students, to share their subtle yet special memories of 2014.
<Editor's Comment>

The year 2014 will be remembered with the Proud Postechian Award that I received in the field of education at POSTECH’s 28th Anniversary celebration. It’s been 3 years since I first came to POSTECH as the only art historian on campus. Each and every class was filled with joy and pleasure in teaching the history of fine art to the most brilliant students in the whole world, which is always mixed up with frustration and self-doubt in challenging these highly science and technology oriented minds to pose questions with no definite answers. I believe that the award is meant to tell that my effort is worthwhile to continue, rather than it was perfectly achieved. Fairly encouraged by the award, I would even hope to convert some Postechians to art historians or artists in the future. Well, not many… Maybe a couple will be enough.
Professor Jungah Woo (HSS)

This year was special in that I was able to learn more about myself and others, how to treat others in different situations, and how I should continue to live on. Moreover, by participating in a variety of activities with my friends, I made memories that would last for a life time. For example, I persuaded a group of friends to organize a day booth, and another group of friends to organize a night booth at POSTECH’s autumn festival. I never intended to run two booths, but there I was working day and night with barely any rest. Though it was exhausting, I had a lot of fun. During the 2nd semester, while keeping track of my studies and my duty as the Editor in Chief of The Postech Times, I also participated in numerous contests with my friends. In total, we participated in four different contests, and in each contest, we won a prize.  
Each year in POSTECH has been dynamic, but I have to say year 2014 was indeed the most interesting one so far. In truth, I was not in a good shape at the beginning of the year. It was my dear friends who really helped me keep my head above waters.
Yu Sun Chung (LIFE 12)

We often do not appreciate the relationships we have until they are gone, at which point we may bitterly regret not being more thankful for them. People around you are not eternal; someday you must miss them. For me, who had left POSTECH for the last two years for military service, they are my university friends with whom I spent three years as part of the cheerleading club. Actually I was not eager to spend more time and communicate with them because I thought I had already spent a lot of time with them. However, when I came back to school as a senior, they had already graduated and had a job in Seoul, and I wasn’t easy for me to meet them. Fortunately, the sole chance to meet all of them came to me last month. That was the homecoming day of our club “Cheero”. Friends thankfully made a long journey to Pohang. Maybe they realized what I thought; maybe they also had taken our relationships for granted. We were friendlier than ever. Our shared memories brought us together, and we talked and laughed a lot. We couldn’t easily share this with people we had newly met. After that day, we made a new chat room and frequently talk. This year’s homecoming was very meaningful to me. I don’t want to forget the moral and will always be thankful for relationships in the future.
Lee Sang Min (PHYS 09)

A lot of things happened in 2014, but I want to talk about “Project to building a slide for 78 stairs.” It helped me to develop in many aspects and has been a great challenge in my life. It had affection for POSTECH and was passionate to have a new challenge so I decided to change the static mood of our school. I had countless ups and downs. However, as I spent time to achieve worthwhile activities getting help from outstanding alumni and friends, I became more mature. I had hard times when people criticized me. Nonetheless, some people always supported me with kindness and I could feel how precious they were to me. I hope I am able to accomplish this project successfully so that it will help us to grow. Thank you.     
Park Jinwoo (MSE 14)

On March 2014, I came to POSTECH Korean Institute of Robot and Convergence and got to know 3 friends. They helped me a lot in adapting to the environment and with my work. Even after we finished work, we would eat together and talk a lot. Once, I wanted jump on the trampoline that I jumped on when I was young. So, we all went to Hwanyeo-dong. At first, it was closed, but one of my friends called the owner and we were eventually able to use it. Because it was summer, there were a lot of mosquitos. As we tried to evade the mosquitos’ attack, two of my friends clashed into each other, causing a nasty bruise. Because it was so painful, she went back before us. The next day, we laughed at ourselves due to the mosquito bites, and bruises, yet promised that we would go do it again. Despite of the slight injuries, we made a memory that will last forever.
Park Geun-ryoung (ME staff)

I remember the time when I went to walk along the ridges of the Nakdong River with my friend Daehyun. We explored one of the four rivers for 2 days and 1 night. I am not sure where we will settle in the future, but I think it was fortunate that we were able to have the chance to walk along the ridges of the Nakdong River together. Thanks for being a great support in conquering the long walk.
Lee, Seungkyu (IME Ph.D. candidate)