Discovery of the “Wall” Improves Stability of an Organic Transistor
Discovery of the “Wall” Improves Stability of an Organic Transistor
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:30
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Prof. Chan Eon Park (CE), Jiye Kim (CE M.S.-Ph.D Integrated candidate), and Prof. Kim Se Hyun (Dept. of Nano, Medical and Polymer Materials, Yeungnam University) analyzed the source of the problem for the decreasing stability of organic thin-film transistor and successfully developed a more stable form of transistor, as announced on Nov. 12,  Advanced Materials.
Their research outcome fully explained the mechanism behind the bias-stress effect observed when an organic thin-film transistor is used for a prolonged period in terms of both chemical and physical properties.
In spite of the numerous advantages of the organic thin-layer transistor (high flexibility, light weight, and ability to be produced at low temperature), it has a crucial limitation (low stability), causing it to have a short life-span. The discovery of an energy barrier between a semiconductor and an insulator film in the transistor allowed the team to explain the subsequent reason for its low stability and to further work on ways to improve its stability; that is, by making “taller” barriers to prevent “jumping over” of electric charges.