2014 E-Resource Expo is Held
2014 E-Resource Expo is Held
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:30
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On Nov. 18, E(Electronic)-Resource Expo was held in Tae-Joon Park Digital Library from 12 P.M.-5 P.M. All Postechians were welcome to participate. The programs in the expo were electronic information stamp tour, magazine charity auction, education of using information, major book display and information search competition.
In the second floor’s lobby, stamp tour was held. In this program, there were several service booths at which people could receive stamps after asking questions about information services and being informed how to use services such as databases and e-books. Participants who had more than four stamps received a coupon for a prize drawing. Through random drawings, winners were provided prizes such as a bicycle, Bluetooth, USB, etc.
In addition to the stamp tour, major books were displayed and available for purchase. Another event was the information search competition which took place from Nov. 17-21. Participants solved problems posted on the library’s homepage and high-scorers were provided a prize such as bicycle, coffee machine, etc.

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