Hackathon, Let’s Break
Hackathon, Let’s Break
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:29
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On Nov. 8-9, Hackathon was hosted by poApper in the Tae-Joon Park Library. This year, about 10 teams participated. Four teams received awards for their applications, and one team received a special award from Watcha, (a company that has a famous application that introduces movies). Last but not least, another team was awarded for staying awake all night. The first place prize went to the program named Minimap. It is POSTECH’s distinct minimap that allows users to save promises and plans in this application and share with friends. They got 24-inch monitors. The second place winner was the program ScrApp. It strengthens the existing function of searching in SNS. Furthermore, it can group various forms of scripts like newspaper clippings. This team won mechanical keyboards. The web-based application MAPTOON came in third. It uses the property of magnets to classify webtoons from different websites by the user’s preferences. They got 1TB external hard drives. Lastly, fourth place was given to the game application Prog. Its theme is a frog’s adventure. The frog starts as a tadpole and travels through the well. As he does, he grows up and eventually escapes the well. This team was awarded 240,000 KRW.