Attitude for Technology Era
Attitude for Technology Era
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:28
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We are in the technology era and many technologies make our lives more convenient. Especially, in the information industry area, smart phones and the Internet have developed very quickly and their prevalence in our daily life is growing. The Internet provides a virtually infinite amount of information, which can be easily accessed. Almost everyone has a smart phone in hand throughout the day.
Although the Internet and smart phones have generally improved most people’s lives, there are some side effects. A side effect of smart phones is a disease called “Popcorn Brain”. One’s brain can transform into a popcorn shape because of smart phone addiction. Besides popcorn brain, smart phone addiction makes people’s face strange. In university of old man, there are increasing number of young man because of smart phone addiction, which can cause a fatty liver and dry eye. Another side effect is a lack of conversation. When people go to a restaurant or cafe, they often use their smart phones rather than communicating with each other. A breakdown of conversation leads to lack of faith and familiarity, which can lead to conflicts among people. In case of the Internet, it enables plagiarism and imitation and can lead to lack of creativity and decrease in self-confidence. One of the properties of the Internet is anonymity, which can cause many problems in cyber space. Some people slander others carelessly because of anonymity. This can also create a lot of conflicts. Like there are two sides to smart phones or the Internet, most technologies have the bad with the good. It is true that “we make tools and those tools make us,” as Marshall Mcluhan, Canadian culture critic, said.
In the technology era, it is natural that the bad comes with the good. Of course, developing technology that gives us many convenient things is very useful. However, despite of great convenience and innovation, we can gain side effects from that technology. In my opinion, we should develop innovative technology and this is very important in technology era. But it is more important that we take the side effects of technology and be able to solve them. As future researchers, we should have the attitude that considers the side because the technology can give convenience to us.