Devote Your Time to Trying Something New
Devote Your Time to Trying Something New
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:26
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While some students allocate their time efficiently doing something worthwhile, a certain number of people have no idea how to spend their precious time, especially during summer and winter breaks. Here are some recommended programs one could potentially take part in.
One of these programs are called “ICISTS (International Conference for the Integration of Science, Technology and Society)-KAIST”, one of the largest international conferences in Asia for undergraduates around the world, where debates as well as discussions are carried out on specific themes set annually (for instance, “Does Science lead to Progress?” in 2014). Held for five consecutive days, 400 undergraduates from over 20 different countries attend this conference every year, and experts in various fields are invited to give short talks related to the theme. This conference provides students with a golden opportunity to learn to integrate unrefined knowledge, enabling them to constantly cross academic borders and challenge conventional thinking.
Another spotlighted program among Korean undergraduate freshmen is called “LG Dream Challenger”. Students who used to have a clear goal in life (i.e. entering a prestigious university) often live without specific objectives once in university. In this program, various lectures and workshops are organized over a period of three days to teach and guide students to learn to regularly assess themselves and have a defined goal in their own life, ensuring that the rest of university life is spent in a meaningful way.
Moreover, a program called “LH Eco-scout” program deals with environmental issues in Korea and raises awareness of certain threats to the eco-system. Students visit environmentally conserved national parks and even Dokdo Island to raise the ongoing issue about maintaining balance in the environment and protecting wild life from potential dangers. On-field activities and promoting environmental awareness on certain issues are highlighted in this program.
Several other options exist. “Happy Move” sends a group of students to rural parts of the world such as Indonesia and Nepal to assist the locals in many ways. “Do dream” and “Bacchus Kukto”, falling under the class of Marching-across-Korean-land program, allow one to learn self-control and develop both resilience and patience. Those who love writing articles or are interested in learning specific writing skills can apply for the “Samsung Group Reporter program.”
It is true that students prefer to spend their entire holiday relaxing and enjoying leisure at home as a break from the stressful and busy university life. However, instead of wasting precious time, why not push yourself a little more to achieve something greater? The aforementioned programs will allow you to have meaningful and helpful once-in-a-lifetime experiences.