The Way to Run Organizations Well
The Way to Run Organizations Well
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:26
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In modern society, there are many organizations such as teams in a company, school groups, and so on. As many organizations exist in modern society and they play an important role in working effectively, there are many theories for running organizations effectively. The Postech Times  interviewed Dr. Jung Ki Jun (senior researcher of Tae-Joon Park Institute) about the way to lead an organization well.
Dr. Jung said that an organization must consist of at least three people. Second, there should be a common purpose in the group. Third, interaction among members is required. He also said leadership is a very important thing for running organizations well. According to his comment, leadership affects members to the extent in which members try to attain a purpose spontaneously. He said leadership is a force that moves members actively. In a similar vein, a leader is the person who suggests orientation, advises members, and creates a comfortable working environment. Dr. Jung introduced three kinds of leadership that tend to make organizations work well: ethical leadership, self-sacrificial leadership, and servant leadership.
Dr. Jung said that communication is important in leadership. For realizing communication, faith between members and leader is a must. Ethical leadership develops faith by listening attentively to members’ opinion and providing many opportunities to them. In order to be a great leader and lead an organization well, ethical leadership is a fundamental element.
Self-sacrificial leadership is also important. In an organization, it is natural that some large and small sacrifices are necessary for a group to work well. In that point, the leader’s sacrifice is very important. If the leader sacrifices, he or she can get recognition and build trust, like in ethical leadership.
Servant leadership is that last type Dr. Jung explained. Servant leadership is the same as service leadership. A servant leader thinks about what team members need and want and humbly tries to meet those needs. It often means the leader must put himself or herself in someone else’s position. As leaders appreciate other members’ position and meet their needs through servant leadership, organizations tend to run more smoothly.
The three leadership styles stated above are very important for a well-running organization. However, according to Dr. Jung’s comment, followership is as important as leadership. Followership is a great attitude among members and has 3 conditions. Members should have self-leadership, think of others’ position and know to cooperate, and be flexible and reliable.
To run an organization well, followership and leadership are both important. Both leaders and members must have a great attitude and be willing to cooperate.