"I am..." is More Precious than "I was…”
"I am..." is More Precious than "I was…”
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.11.05 01:28
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Reporter Column
We frequently hear “when I was a high school student...”, “when I was a freshman…”, etc. The situation is especially common in POSTECH; Postechians repeat their greatness and praises they got before entering university. They are not satisfied with the current situation because it is not as good as it was in the past. This creates disappointment about the present. However, the present and future are more important than the past. It is more valuable to find pleasure now and prepare a pleasurable future than reminisce on a great past.
Although the current situation may not be as good as they expected, Postechians should find pleasure in the process rather than with the results. Also, they should enjoy privileges and freedoms unique to each stage of life. There are many gates opened for us to enjoy college life unlike in high school. For example, in friend- ship, it was only possible to meet the same people in the same place when Postechians were in high school, but now they can travel wherever. Students can also drink or go out extemporaneously after class with friends at night. In studying, students can register for classes they are interested in and arrange their schedule according to the times of day they prefer. Students can stay up all night doing projects with teammates and do research in laboratory to get closer to their dream. Of course, students can feel lonely after they leave their family, but it can be a great opportunity to get to know others. They can talk with roommate or next door friends all night gathering in your room, which may be a memory after you graduate POSTECH. In university clubs, students practice hard to show great performances in front of friends. In addition they can broaden their prospects doing volunteering, internships, and outside activities during their time at POSTECH. Those activities can be steps towards finding their interests and deciding their dream. They can enhance the level of their cultures and how to manage relationships between friends by preparing a contest or performances with them. Students can do the best for what they want. For example, there are various activities such as dance performance, orchestra, sports or studying etc.
College life is the freest period of life so far and a crossover to experience various things before entering into society. So I recommend that Postechians enjoy the time now, looking at it with a fresh perspective and finding simple pleasures in campus life. Don’t receive too much stress from homework. You can be happier if you enjoy the time given to you now and appreciate it rather than complain about it