Hackathon: 24-hour Coding Marathon in POSTECH
Hackathon: 24-hour Coding Marathon in POSTECH
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.11.05 01:27
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Hackathon, a compound of hacking and marathon, will be held on Nov. 7-8 in Tae-Joon Park Library. In Hackathon, participants can make services or programs like web pages, applications, or games in 24 hours. It is already spread over the world IT companies. For example, it started with Facebook at first. Facebook made the “Like” function in its Hackathon, which is very famous for the company. Hackathon is also held in Kakao and Evernote with comfortable environment for participants to do free developing. Unlike other companies, Evernote Hackathon is open to the public, so many interesting people and students come to join the Evernote Hackathon from outside every year.
The POSTECH Hackathon was started by PoApper, developers’ club of POSTECH, and CSE last year. In addition to external support, this year Hackathon is also supported by donations of Postechians through crowd funding. This started from an IT project team in POSTECH Undergraduate Association.
   The crowd funding interests many students. The first project was gathering support for a project related to the 78 stairs and the second one is to raise support for Hackathon.
   Another big difference from last year is ice breaking time. In the 2013 Hackathon, individual participants had trouble making a team because most of the participants registered with a team. However, the 2014 Hackathon includes an ice breaking party, which will help participants talk about their ideas and organize teams before the contest. Also, last year was only restricted to undergraduate students but the invitation is extended to all students this year.
There are three parts in developing programs: planning, developing, and design. Participants can register for only one part. Each team must have someone registered for every part.
The Hackathon hompage also provides coding tutorials for amateurs who do not know how to code web services, Android appli- cations, and games. Moreover, students, who do not know which field or coding method is proper to themselves, can get advices from staff individually and participants can get opportunities to contact with the staff of popular IT enterprise who come as panels of judging in Hackathon. Maybe some students are curious whether it is possible to make a program in 24 hours, but last year many masterpieces were presented and it is a reasonable time limit for Postechians, who hesitate to spend too much time on things not related to their grades.
The donations reached  1,780,000KRW, which went beyond the supporters’ goal of 1,500,000KRW. This suggests many Postechians are behind Hackathon, and that Postechians are passionate about making their own unique program. The event can be used to attract prospective software developers in POSTECH, which is possible with close networking between developers and sharing their ideas in the event. Also, most of supporters are expecting that Hackathon will eventually become part of the culture of POSTECH.