Postechians’ Strategies for KAIST-POSTECH Science War
Postechians’ Strategies for KAIST-POSTECH Science War
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.10.15 07:44
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Every autumn, KAIST-POSTECH Science War is held. To win, Postechians do their best in the game, but also before the game. Every year, players of sports and other competitions prepare with special strategies.
There are three sports games: soccer, baseball, and basketball. Each of those teams shared their special strategies in an interview.
KAISER, POSTECH soccer club, did harder training than last year from Aug. 1 to the day just before the game started. They focused on increasing their stamina because it is the most important thing in soccer, which runs for 80 to 100 minutes. Also, they had weight training to develop a fit physique. They strengthened defense last year, but they focused on offense this year by putting two wild cards (graduate students) as forwards. Against a case of encountering lead, they prepared for “three back (defense)” strategy and as a result, all three goals in this Science War soccer game were gained.
POBBA, the POSTECH basketball club, also held an intense camp for 3 weeks in August. The POBBA members trained for 3 hours each morning and night. Unlike last year, the number of coaches increased from one to two so players received more individual attention. Furthermore, those coaches were scouted from professional basketball teams. Every week in camp, they played games with seniors of the club or outside teams to check if their tactics and positions were optimized or not.
TACHYONS, POSTECH baseball club, also trained in August. Like POBBA, it scouted its coach from a professional baseball team this year and the coach has provided systematic disciplines. During the spring semester, they played exchange games twice and on vacation, they did weight training to improve their physique. As a new tactic of this year, they focused more on pitching more than overall defense.
Other game teams also organized camps. PLUS, POSTECH hacking club, held a camp to train for hacking during this summer vacation. In the camp, they studied hacking skills with materials from last year for more than 7 hours a day. Like last year, their tactic was checking new questions as fast as possible because they should solve those earlier than the KAIST team.
Until last year, POSCAT members, POSTECH AI club, had participated in AI game but this year, qualifying criteria were introduced to select three AI players and camp for Science War was planned. However, it was not realized because player recruitment started so late that there were not enough applicants.
LOL (League of Legend) also held a qualifier to find grey eminences among Postechians. The selected players practiced various games at several PC rooms to get accustomed to game sites and new environments.
The science quiz team also conducted camp training. In camp training, they chose expected questions for quiz from previous quizzes and solved them together. They studied concepts that seemed likely to be asked on the quiz using a theory source book they made.