Who Makes KAIST-POSTECH Science War?
Who Makes KAIST-POSTECH Science War?
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2014.10.15 07:44
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The KAIST-POSTECH Science War in 2014 was held on Sep. 19-20. Each year the War runs smoothly thanks to hidden helpers, a KAIST-POSTECH Science War Preparatory Committee (PPC). In May, the chairman of the PPC is chosen by election and the chairman chooses team leaders before collecting PPC members because it is important to be of one mind. In June students who want to be a member of the PPC apply and are able to join the team they want. The PPC consists of a chairman, a vice chairman and six teams: Design, Stage, Video, Game 1, Game 2, and Supporters. They prepare the science war as soon as  vacation starts. What do they do to prepare and how effectively do they work? The Postech Times interviewed Chairman Jung, Deun-Sol (CSE 11) and the team leaders.

Six members, including the leader, made all the designs from the pamphlet, design on 78 stairs, official web site, supporter T-shirt and posters, to the logo and business card of staff. The team consisted of seven members who each one made a video from planning to final editing. They made five videos for the opening ceremony, eight to promote the science war on SNS, and twenty to introduce players. In June they learned basic programs for a month and practiced making videos. Before the semester started they had completed almost everything and then worked as staff.

Stage & Supporters
Four members managed the time schedule of the stage, contacted the stage enterprise, and picked a singer. Everything ran smoothly thanks to their careful management. The eight members of support team gathered supporters offline and online and bought cheering tools and souvenirs. They planned promoting and interchange events. In this year their work increased as the chairman pledged. They started preparing earnestly in April.

Game 1 & Game 2
Until now, PPC has been divided into a science team and sports team. The science team has a heavier burden. Also, the science quiz requires a lot of preparation. This year Game 1 team spent one more week organizing AI, baseball, basketball and E-sports. In case of AI and E-sports, they hosted qualifiers to choose players. Game 2 team organized the science quiz, hacking, and soccer. They focused on making the science quiz’s rules and requested games for hacking.

What are some difficulties that occurred during the preparation?
Apart from the Stage Team and Game 2 Team, most team leaders thought that they had too many members. A surplus of team members may cause frequent conflict due to the different ideas each person has. Moreover, the representatives added that this is the 13th science war, but there is still no manual for how to prepare the festival. Hence, PPC plans to create a manual this year to make it a greater event in the future.