How was the Sunrise Festival?
How was the Sunrise Festival?
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyuk
  • 승인 2014.10.15 07:43
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⊙ Managing the department’s booth was hard, but worthwhile.
     -Kang Se Jong (CHEM 13)
⊙ I was surprised as it was more fun than I had expected. But I wish the food prices at the department pubs were cheaper. It is difficult to purchase the food by myself, due to the inflated prices.
     -Lee Gyu Hyeok (PHYS 14)
⊙ When I was a freshman and a sophomore, I was too busy to enjoy the festival due to the freshman performance and department pub. So, I did not realize how boring our festival is to the upper classmen. -Lee Jun Sang (CE 12)
⊙ At this festival, I ran a Tarot booth. This was a fresh experience that cannot be experienced in our everyday life. If I have the chance to do so, I would like to run it again. -Kim Do Yeon (CSE 12)
⊙ It was extremely fun.
    -Choi Jae Heung (CSE 12)
⊙ Even though the Department of Physics only has a few students, due to their enthusiastic participation, the department booth was successful. I’m sorry that I could not care more for my friends because I was busy. But I am glad that we could make a memorable and enjoyable festival.
     -Jeon Suyeon (PHYS 13)
⊙ I was worried because the festival was postponed to the second semester, and there were lots of controversial issues. But, I was glad that the festival preceded smoothly and that lots of people were able to enjoy it. -Park Jang Hyun (LIFE 12)
⊙ I thought that the decision of holding the festival was too abrupt. It took up a lot of time and distracted me from assignments and studying for an exam on the following week. -Lim Jin Sun (LIFE 14)
⊙ This festival made up for the absence of the Sunrise Festival in the first semester. However, it would have been nice if new events had been added to the festival.
    -Jee Eun Kyoung (CHEM 12)
⊙ Instead of drinking So-Ju, it was nice to drink a diversity of alcoholic drinks. The individual booths, freshmen performances, and department booths were all enjoyable.
     -Jeon Seong Mi (Undeclared 14)