PAL and Pohang Technopark Works in Collaboration
PAL and Pohang Technopark Works in Collaboration
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:07
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Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL, Director Moohyun Cho) and Pohang Technopark (TP, Head Injun Choi) held a conference on using joint enterprise systems to promote regional R&D companies and to increase industrialization at 2 P.M. on Aug. 16, 2014.
The conference explained PAL’s current technology, equipment, and application in different industries (i.e. wires used in tires and SiC in next generation semiconductors) to facilitate small to medium sized companies to further understand accelerators and exchange information on the most recent technology. In addition to the technical aspect of consultations with regional companies, the consultations will be structured to stimulate an ecology of creative economy. Ecology of creative economy refers to an ecology centered on activation of the accelerator infrastructure business, which will be used to expand the market through mutual development among industries, researchers, and affiliated foreign institutes. By strategically providing companies with applicable technology, they aim to increase the size of the workforce and expand outside of Korea.
Since last Oct., PAL has held meetings for indu- stries, meetings for small to medium sized companies, consultations for com- panies, mutual cooperative research projects with small to medium sized industries, etc. to help overcome the lack of technology and man power.
Through this conference, PAL and Pohang TP will continue to interact with each other to promote technology development of regional companies.
Pohang TP explained “establishing business related to Nuclear Equipment in South East Asia”, “establishing green energy business in Gyeongsang and Gwangju”, “finding and developing frontier industries of green energy in Kyungpook”, and “technology exchange and networking business”. It intends to provide information on company support services and the current status on consignment enterprise. TP expects that support directed towards the creation of innovative products, marketing, acquisition of investments, market analysis, etc. would aid the competitiveness of small to medium sized companies.