3D Printer, a New Option for Artificial Tissues
3D Printer, a New Option for Artificial Tissues
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:06
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The development of new 3D cell printing bioink was announced on Jun. 2 in Nature Communications. It was developed by several researchers, including Falguni Pati (MSE post doctor) and Jinah Jang (Division of Integrative Biosciences and Bio- technology, Ph.D. candidate) both advised by Professor Dong-woo Cho. 3D cell printing is used to make functional artificial tissues similar to shapes and structure of real ones, with bioink and biocompatible polymers.
The technology is expected to make not only simple cell tissues but also organs with a decellularized extracellular matrix.
Researchers make bioink first, and then input mesenchymal stem cell to make target tissue with 3D cell printing technology. Bioink can be spread inside the 3D printer and biocompatible polymers help preserve the shapes. The bioink made of dece- llularized extracellular matrix makes cell differentiation easier than matrixes that used collagen. This research will help create the perfect environment for restoring damaged organs.
This project was supported by the Leading Researcher Program of National Research Foundation of Korea.