POSTECH Research Team Highly Awarded in Conferences
POSTECH Research Team Highly Awarded in Conferences
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:05
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Recently, POSTECH ITCE research team received the Best Paper Award and Korea Open Services Industry Ass- ociation Best Paper Commendation in 2014 Korean Network Oper- ations and Management Conference in Chungnam National University.
Yoon-seon Han (ITCE M.S.-Ph.D. Integrated candidate) published a paper titled, “A Traffic Generation Method for Data Center Network Traffic Using Poisson Shot-Noise Model” and received Best Paper Award and Best Paper Commendation. His work was recognized for the technology’s high utility in contributing to web application hybrid (MASH-UP).
Through Research about “Scalable failover method for Data Center Networks using OpenFlow”, Jian Li (ITCE Ph.D. candidate) and Jong Hwan Hyun (CSE M.S.-Ph.D. Integrated candidate) concluded that this research can play a role as an ICT open resource in connection to restoration in network disorder. They received Best Paper Commendation for their work.
In both papers, Professor Won Ki Hong (CSE) is a corresponding author in collaboration with Prof. Jae Hyoung Yoo (CSE).


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