Spirals Key to Absorbing Power of Organic Solar Cells
Spirals Key to Absorbing Power of Organic Solar Cells
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:21
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Prof. Kim JongKyu (MSE), Prof. Lee Jong-Lam (MSE), Juyoung Ham (MSE) and Kwon Hyunah (MSE Ph.D. ) rese- arch team discovered that three-dimensional spiral structure can enhance efficiency of light absorption. Their work made the cover of Advanced Energy Materials, one of the most prestigious journals of material science, on May 13.
The existing organic solar cell made of very thin film cannot absorb light efficiently. However, the research team verified that the three dimensional structure can prevent solar light from reflecting outside and can scatter the light to maximize the quantity of absorbed light. Also, they enhanced an electric character, increasing the efficiency of organic solar cells by 10%. The tilt angle deposition, technology used to make this structure, can easily be used even in tilted or rotating condition.
This result is expected to be very useful in various fields such as water dissociation and fuel-sensitive solar cells.
The research was supported by the Global Research Network and University-Centered Lab of the National Research Foundation of Korea.