A Keynote Talk in IEEE VTC
A Keynote Talk in IEEE VTC
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:20
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Professor Kyung-whoon Cheun (EE) delivered a keynote speech in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Vehicular Technology Con- ference (VTC). It was held in Seoul Conrad Hotel on May 20. IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) held this conference for the first time in 1950, when a conference was held on treating communication system, network field, and vehicular application.
Prof. Kyung-whoon Cheun’s lecture title is “Next-generation wireless communication, 5G’s vision, essential component and core technology”.
He explained that core technology will be used in 2020 for the next-generation wireless communication, 5G’s wireless technology, network design, and communication service. He also explained research and development that can meet essential requirements of the 5G system.
Prof. Cheun captured the attention of scholars and researchers during this conference. The conference was held from May 18-21, and about 500 papers were announced at the conference.

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