Make and Use the Opportunities in POSTECH
Make and Use the Opportunities in POSTECH
  • Moon Jihyun (MSE 11)
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:18
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After reading the previous The Postech Times I was impressed with the greatness of POSTECH. The article “the development of an affordable, large-area, and highspeed graphene nanoribbon” made me feel proud of my major and I showed my respect to Professor Taewoo Lee (MSE). Department of Material Science and Engineering department has a website to introduce news about professors and students. I entered the site and looked around others too. Within only one semester, there were so many achievements in the laboratories of our department. Their research results were published in authoritative papers too. I can’t realize the importance of those researches usually, but sometimes I am immensely shocked by their excellence. The news that POSTECH ranks 1st for three consecutive years is not surprising considering the level of professors in POSTECH.
To continue these honors and to further develop, not only the research but also the education of undergraduates is very important. And POSTECH has a lot of strengths like having only a few students compared to having numerous prestigious professors. However I think we should do our best to increase our level. I usually think about how I will become the outstanding scientist like our professors. Fortunately, there are many programs for undergraduate students in POSTECH. Typically there are lots of outbound programs organized by POSTECH international relations (PIR). I also tried hard to get the chance to experience the exchange program.
As an undergraduate student, I think that to make the most of an opportunity in POSTECH is very important. Though our campus is located in Pohang, we have many opportunities to interact with others. For improving our various skills, just studying hard is not the answer. We have to try to do many experiences ourselves. When I went COEX Mall in Seoul to join the mentoring workshop, I learned many things. There were lots of technologies about traffic and road, and their level was superior. In Pohang I just focused on the knowledge in books, but I realized the creativity and skills to translate ideas into reality are needed also. Like me, I think many students can develop themselves through other experiences. We heard many times to do many things from our seniors and professors, but putting an idea into practice is hard.
Now, I am a senior and I feel that 4 years in POSTECH went by very fast. If we act without any purpose and direction, there can be no achievements during undergraduate students. I hope many undergraduate students make most of the opportunity and develop themselves to become great people like our professors. “Make the most of an opportunity.”