The New Champion: Chemistry
The New Champion: Chemistry
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.05.21 15:10
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The inter-department baseball com- petition took place over five days from Apr. 12- May 11 in the university sports field; first place went to the Department of Chemistry.
This competition is held annually to strengthen the relationship among the 11 departments in POSTECH. In this competition, only the tournament system is adopted whereby the strong departments are seeded in different groups and they proceed to the knock-out phase to sort out the best of the best. From the semi-final onwards, the length of a match changes from 1hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.
In the finals, the Department of Chemistry dominated the game against the Department of Chemical Engineering with their talented batters and pitchers along with the team members involved in the defense. The overall score was 15:4.
300,000 KRW and 150,000 KRW were awarded to the champion (CHEM) and the first-runner-up (CE), while the department with the most supportive fans (CiTE) was awarded 70,000 KRW.