Experiences Created through Encountering Differences
Experiences Created through Encountering Differences
  • Park Seo-kyung (IME 11)
  • 승인 2014.05.21 15:08
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Except the language course held before the semester began, the first course that I took in TU Graz was “Creativity technique”, which let students master various idea-generating skills such as brain storming, mapping, or six hat thinking. The course lasted for three days from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., and at the last day of the course, instructors and Philips manager gave each team one container for blender, and let teams propose at least five ideas to improve container. Just within five hours, each team had to generate ideas, make rough designs, and complete presentation material. I just thought that ?e don’t have enough time, and whatever we finish wouldn’t satisfy Philips manager.?But it was only me who felt burden about those things. Others considered the task just as practice that could enlarge their experience. They even asked how patent would be, and what rewards they would receive if generated idea is applied in Philips product. Moreover, instructors earnestly discussed about that!
The case above is the condensed version of the differences and wonder that I experienced in TU Graz. First, rather than lecture type course during semester, intensive type course, which spends whole three to five days, is common in institute of PSM (Production Science and Management) in TU Graz.
Second, just after knowing one concept through text, more than one session is dedicated to learn that concept in practice. For example, just after learning how environmental things affect human work, each team had to develop instructors’ offices in ergonomic sense.
Third, every class included field trips, and proceeded by not only professor but also the instructor who actually works in corporation: each “Management topics in automotive industry (MTAI)” and “Industrial engin- eering” course included excursions to plant, Magna and Anton paar, and instructors of “Leadership and motivation” and “MTAI” were Magna managers. Considering IME in POSTECH is highly concentrated on theoretical classes, PSM in TU Graz was based on practical classes, actively showing how Industrial Management could be used and utilized in real life.
The form of classes was not the only difference; students’ attitude was so active that very minor question -which sometimes could be considered ridiculous in Korean’s view- were naturally accepted, and nobody felt shame about asking them. In addition, since Europe is indeed one big country, every class I took included students from at least five different countries. It was not odd for a class to be held in Graz, but the final presentation held in Helsinki! These educational experiences make Europeans accepting of others?culture. For them, the purpose of learning a foreign language was not a compulsory thing, it’s learning other’s culture through their language.
Like Albert Camus says, “You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” Encountering differences creates various experiences. Even though I wrote several differences and impressions that I noticed while studying abroad, I guarantee it would be different from what you would feel and gain through any other experiences. I am certain such a trip would be an invaluable part of your life.