The First Research Committee of Tae-Joon Park Institute
The First Research Committee of Tae-Joon Park Institute
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.04.30 17:51
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The Tae-Joon Park Institute held the first future strategy research committee with experts of various fields on May 28 at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul. The committee consists of Professor Lee Jin-woo (HSS), the chairman of the committee, and researchers including those listed below: Director of the Institute Choi Kwang-woong, Prof. Kim Wang-bae (Yonsei University), Prof. Kim Byung-Yeon (SNU), Prof. Kim HyunCheol (SNU), Prof. Ryu Sung Ho (LIFE), Sung-Bin Park, co-founder and managing director of Translink Capital, Prof. Bang Min-Ho (SNU), Prof. Baik Kibok (Kookmin University), Prof. Sohn Youngwoo (CiTE), Prof. JUN SANG-IN (SNU), Prof. Cho Yoonje (Sogang University), Lee Dae-hwan, a writer, Jeon Young-ki, an editorial writer for Korea JoongAng Daily.
The research committee defined the long-term research subject of the institute as “desirable future society, studying continuous growth of country and enterprises, and method for coexistence of Northeast Asia” and planned to research about “how the 21st century future leader is produced”. Also, it will hold a forum related to the subject of this research on Dec. 9 this year.
The institute aims to cultivate human resources who have creativity and insight through linking with institutes inside and outside POSTECH.

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