A New Way to Tune the Band Gap in Quantum Dot
A New Way to Tune the Band Gap in Quantum Dot
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.04.30 17:50
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Quantum dot is used in various products such as displays and medical devices but had difficulty in tuning band gap. A POS- TECH research team announced a new tech- nology that can handle tuning band gap on the cover of the April edition of Small.
By using the phase transition of quantum dot, Eui-hyun Kong (MSE Ph.D., advisor Prof. Hyun Myung Jang) and his team successfully developed technology that enables two phases to coexist in a single quantum dot. With this technology, the optical property of electrodes increases so much that quantum dot-sensitized solar cell’s efficiency can be improved by over 50%.
Band gap refers to different energy levels depending on the existence of electrons, which determines the degree of electrical conductivity. Tuning band gap is important because it can improve optical and electrical properties. This technology is cheaper and simpler to handle than existing technologies, so it is expected to be useful for various devices upon further research.

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