22-year-old Lee Overcomes the Limitation of “Separation Logic” Technology
22-year-old Lee Overcomes the Limitation of “Separation Logic” Technology
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.04.30 17:50
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Wonyeol Lee (CSE/ MATH, 10), who re- cently graduated from POS- TECH, announced his thesis based on his rese- arch on software  error verification process in Principles of Prog- ramming Languages (POPL), the world’s most renowned academic journal in the field of computer programming.
Frequency of damage arising from errors are steadily increasing and the error verification task has become an inevitable step to eliminate flaws as the dependence on SW rises.
In software error verification tool, a technology called “Separation Logic”, one of the quickest ways of checking how computer programs function, is commonly used. For the past decade, only a small percentage of the technology was used, limiting the number of ways in which software errors could be verified.
Lee’s thesis introduced the foundation regarding the full usage of “Separation Logic,” which would make the error verification process less cumbersome. He said that his research outcomes will be used to develop an effective verification tool.