“Angel of Donation” Delivers the Last Round of Donation
“Angel of Donation” Delivers the Last Round of Donation
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.04.30 17:49
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On Mar. 31, Seo Tae Won customs officer delivered his last monetary donation to POSTECH as a development fund, for which he was given a plaque of appreciation.
As a person-in-charge of Seohee customs office in Pohang since 1977, Mr. Seo is also known as an “angel of donation” of Pohang among the general public because of his long history of donation. In fact, he has been donating millions of KRW to POSTECH annually since 2009, and the total amount of funds donated was calculated to be over 50 million KRW.
Mr. Seo highlighted that the reason why Pohang grew into a cutting-edge science city from the old steel industrial city is due to POSTECH’s existence. He further mentioned that he is grateful to be able to support POSTECH to achieve its vision to be recognized as an outstanding research university among the top 20 universities around the world.
He wished that POSTECH, Pohang’s pride and hope, would continue to put more effort into improving the quality of both education and research in the near future.