What Bothers Postechians?
What Bothers Postechians?
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2014.04.30 17:46
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Entering POSTECH, all Postechians leave their families. To get into POSTECH, they had to give it their all. However, their worries do not cease with just entering the university. About 40-50 students go to POSTECH Counseling Center each week to reveal their heartache. Study and future have the largest priority, followed by character, relationship, emotion and the opposite sex.

Each year, the top students from each high school enter POSTECH from all over Korea. As they gather at one place, there is bound to be higher competition to become the leaders in various fields. They may experience receiving low grades for the first time in their life. In contrast, because some students seem to know everything and always seem to achieve high grades, other students may feel inferior and lethargic. This problem often occurs among Postehians. They also get stress from trying to live up to their parents’ expectations. Some students say “I am behind other students.”, “There’s no point of trying anymore.” This may change to lethargy thinking “I cannot do anything.” Choi, Seung-Ae, a counselor in POSTECH Counseling Center, said “When the exam period approaches, some students feel serious panic disorder.” Graduate students, on the other hand, are more worried about not finding what they want than what they can do.

The society of POSTECH is much smaller than other university societies, so students are likely to be more concerned about their relationship. People are overly self-conscious and are not likely to share their hearts frankly. When they talk about problems with friends, the friends may know the person being complained. So many people say “I have few real friends that I can openly talk to, without needing to worry about rumors.” Graduates are more focused on professors, labs, or companies they are trying to get into.

Love Relationships
Love gives enormous energy, but the energy may be negative. Breakups are hard to endure. Someone who gets the elbow feels that every part of him or her is refused. This decreases self-esteem and the recovery process may take long.

Though there are some students who are sure of what they want to do, many struggle to find what their true interest is, or what they really want to do after graduation. As they have been directed in the path to study by their surrounding figures such as parents, and teachers, their decision of studying hard may not have been completely self-voluntarily. They did it because they were good at it. But there is a point of time when Postechians wonder, ?s this really the path I want??As students become more familiar with their major, they may realize that what they thought of the major is really different from reality. Because POSTECH is a much focused university in science and technology, it is even harder to look upon other career paths.
There are some differences with undergraduates and graduates but it is the same that Postechians have difficulty solving their problems. Students are vulnerable to stress, but they feel responsible for solving these problems themselves. Students may also let their worries snowball and only see things in black and white. This means that they divide everything into excellent or terrible. Finally Counselor Choi said “It is important to know that others also have similar worries and your worry is not strange. Insistence on solving problems alone is not good. Although the solution is in you, we can help you discover it. Do not worry alone and come on in.”