HCI Korea 2014 Award for Postechians
HCI Korea 2014 Award for Postechians
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.04.09 15:26
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The biggest domestic academic contest, HCI Korea 2014, was held in Gangwondo province on Feb. 12-14. Two teams of POSTECH were awarded the Great Thesis Award and HCI Kids Award.
The first team, consisting of Professor Seungmoon Choi (CSE) and Jaebong Lee (Ph.D. CSE), announced a thesis on an automatic production system of immersive 4D motion effects, which can be used in 4D theaters and amusement parks and applied to professional authoring tools for 4D contents to reduce the costs and efforts of making 4D entertainment.
Another team, consisting of Kyusong Lee (M.S. CSE), Jaebong Lee , Lee No-kyung, Chiyoung Lee (M.S. CSE), Hoang Ming Phuong (M.S. CSE), Sangdo Han (M.S. CSE), and Hojin Lee (Ph.D. CSE), submitted an entry about POMY, an immersive English learning system. POMY helps children learn English in conversations with an imaginary character. The character’s language is produced by natural language processing, a technique developed by the Intelligent Software Lab of Prof. Gary Geunbae Lee (CSE), Haptics by Haptics, and the Virtual Reality Lab of Prof. Choi. The graphics were created by the Computer Graphics Lab of Prof. Seungyong Lee (CSE), and the language education theory framework came from Prof. Kwon Su-ok (HSS) and Kim Hae-li, a professor of English language and literature at SNU.

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