Blowing Away Awkwardness, Building Relationships through Sports!
Blowing Away Awkwardness, Building Relationships through Sports!
  • Reporter Park Do-won
  • 승인 2014.04.09 15:25
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When a new school semester starts, two big sport competitions await Postechians. Those are the inter-class basketball competition and the inter-department soccer competition.
The inter-class basketball competition is hosted by the POSTECH basketball club, POBBA. Fifteen classes of freshmen competed against each other for the trophy from Mar.10-17. Freshmen can blow away awkwardness through physical activity.
From Mar. 21-Apr. 7, all departments organized their own soccer team and took part in the soccer competition. The event is hosted every year by the POSTECH soccer club, KAISER. Undergraduate and graduate students who have also various age mixed together played matches as a team. Also exchange students also participated, making the cohesive spirit of this competition even more meaningful.
The competitions were not just games, but an opportunity for members of various organizations to become better acquainted with each other.