Essential Things that I will Keep in Mind
Essential Things that I will Keep in Mind
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.04.09 15:23
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If I join The Postech Times, I think the most important thing to have is responsibility. As a representative The Postech Times, I will do my best with a strong sense of duty.
I think it is important that I have to have the objective attitude as a reporter of POSTECH when I write the newspaper. There will be many things that can be written in a newspaper. Because I want to write articles that are related to people around me, it is easy to write an article with subjective feelings. Nevertheless, I will be more objective when I actually write the articles.
In order to develop the newspaper, there must be a lot of readers. The newspaper’s purpose is to deliver the news around us. In this respect, I think publicizing the newspaper and arousing interest are the most important, even though writing is also very important. We could make the newspaper more accessible. I often read newspapers through the Internet. When I first receive a newspaper, I think it would be better if I can read newspaper by mobile phone. These days, smart phones have practically become a part of people’s body. Postechians use smart phones often, so a mobile newspaper page would increase accessibility. If I become a member of The Postech Times, I would like to make a mobile page. Of course, I have to learn how to make a mobile page first.
Also, I think it could be better if the members of the newspaper have a closer relationship with each other. As I like to associate with people, I am confident about getting along with people there. I’m planning to gather members privately and talk about the newspaper. By gathering often, we can share tips and ideas.
 Most of all, as a reporter, my attitude is most important. Some other things which make me busy may arise. However, as a reporter of The Postech Times, I will consider my newspaper work the most important and precious thing to do.