Ion Conc. Polarization, Solution to Separate Particles
Ion Conc. Polarization, Solution to Separate Particles
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:35
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Prof. Geumbae Lim (ME) and Hyungkook Jeon (ME Ph.D. candi -date) research team developed apparatus for separating particles. It uses ion concentration polarization near Nano-channels. The development was announced in Scientific Reports, an online, sister journal of Nature.
The research team analyzed repulsion between particles, appearing by ion concentration polarization, to separate particles from micro to nano size according to electrophoretic mobility. This method uses external electrode instead of electrophoretic power and prevents bubble formation, which was a critical problem of existing methods. Furthermore, the method concentrates the electric field into a very tiny area more than 20 times, assuring high accuracy. This research is recognized as being very useful to analyze principle of ion concentration polarization and detection devices because of its success of separating various sizes of samples. Especially, it can be used not only to separate various types of particles like cell, protein, and DNA, but also to separate rare earth metal ions like Lithium in the ocean.

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