Creative Entries Amaze the Public
Creative Entries Amaze the Public
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:34
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Photo News
On Jan. 13, the award winners for the POSTECH Website Launch Contest were announced. The winners of the contest are the following: 1st place- Hwang Ilhwan (CSE 14), 2nd place- Jae-hyuk Choi (IME 09) and Jin Hyung Cho (ME 08), 3rd place- Seulah JIN (CiTE 13), Baek, Chang-won (Office of Planning and Budget), and Dowan Yim (ME 13). The prizes were Macbook Air, Mirrorless Camera, and Ipad Mini. Participants who received fourth place were given a 32/64GB USB. The entries that made it through the first cut were judged via electronic voting on SNS.                                       

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