Changes, Unexpected but So Natural
Changes, Unexpected but So Natural
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:32
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Postechians almost always follow their undergraduate major to decide postgraduate and job options. For example, if they study chemistry in undergraduate days, they choose jobs developing fuel or medicines, which are related to chemistry. Although when people were high school students they dreamed their university life would provide various experiences to help them pinpoint their talent and find their future jobs, they are studying only with regulated curriculum now. However, people themselves make this trend of pursuing one major for a whole lifetime. In contrast, there are Postechians who make their ways not according to their undergraduate major. They project plays or make designing although they studied physics or industrial management engineering in POSTECH. Other people asked them why they made their efforts in undergraduate days be vain or whether they regret that they studied major about engineering, which is not related to their present jobs. Whenever they are asked those questions, they say they did not make those vain. Rather, they acknowledge that what they studied in undergraduate days helped them to think from different perspectives in their field.
Moreover, these days there are many creative and unique jobs. One of them is a talent service coordinator. The talent service coordinator, as a new job, connects people who want to give talent services with people who need those. Another new job is a social curation service planner, who guides online users to find proper information in the flood of the Internet. However many people try to get general jobs like lawyers, doctors, teachers, officers, etc. Therefore, new jobs are quite spotlighted because of fresh possibilities in the job market. People, working in new jobs had not put targets on their jobs from the first time. However, they do not criticize changes in targets. They are satisfied with their decision and have pride in that most people cannot do the work easily.
In conclusion, it cannot be considered wrong to choose jobs seemingly unrelated to undergraduate degrees. It is so natural because unexpected variables can appear or dreams and attributes of oneself can be found later. Rather, those experiences of different parts can be helpful for self-development because other people do not have the same experiences. The major of an undergraduate is not the only way to find jobs. Instead, it is advisable to think about jobs in various parts, not merely cling to your major.