Postechians Make Green
Postechians Make Green
  • Jeong Seong Ju (LIFE 12)
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:32
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After amazing development of industries, the environmental problems have always been an issue among serious matters. This article introduces the reasons we have to consider the Earth. There are a lot of ways to protect the Earth, from big scale solutions like creating green technologies to small scale ones such as recycling garbage.
At the moment when people in the world have the duty to protect the Earth, Postechians also actively participating. This article shows how Postechians have tried to preserve the environment through the examples of two prized works. I already knew about the POSTECH Culture Content Contest (CCC) and even applied to it. There is a brief explanation of works on the article, but not the motivations or reasons they chose the topic relative to green. I thought if some purposes of the prized works were introduced, people who read the article could also consider the surrounding more directly and realize the seriousness of the matter. In addition, through various students’ opinions or interviews about the idea, we might better perceive students’ awareness of the environmental issues.
As a participant of CCC, after the contest, I thought the idea of making recycle sign boxes is simple, but casted doubt about the effectiveness of recycling as a result of the new boxes. Now on campus, there are garbage cans that have recycling signs. I think the low recycling is due to people’s apathy, not the difficulty of recognizing bins. To sum up, not only the easy way to recycle garbage is important, but also some lectures or other opportunities to help students realize the seriousness of the problem must be common.
There are numerous things we can do for the environment even in POSTECH. These range from indirect things that the article introduced, like applying to green contests, to direct participation such recycling. As Postechians, we usually do experiments or use some machines for researches, but the article says the common ways everyone can do so. If the article showed the special ways to preserve the surrounding, like experiment skills that can reduce some environment-hostile materials or manuals that we have to consider in labs for the nature, Postechians could get more specific information on using equipment and materials in a more environment-friendly manner.
As we can affect the environment directly, we have to be interested in protecting the Earth, not superficially or just in theory. Furthermore, the university must respond to students’ opinions or prize works more broadly, not just ideas introduced in contests.