Studying Abroad in HKUST Broadens your Perspective
Studying Abroad in HKUST Broadens your Perspective
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.02.14 22:28
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While globalization is becoming a trend, many students are pondering what it would be like to study abroad. The Postech Times interviewed two students Kim Minkoo (CSE M.S. -Ph.D Integrated) and Song Jaewoo (CSE M.S.) about their experiences in Hong Kong.
They applied to HKUST because they wanted to gain a broader perspective of the world. Song questioned why a lot of attention was given to China and if the education level is about equal between Korea and China. He wanted to experience China as well. But because the education level is relatively higher in Hong Kong than in China, he decided to apply to HKUST.
Compared to their former universities (KAIST & POSTECH), they were able to become more interested about the surrounding environment. Though Hong Kong is a small country, the famous financial companies in Asia are mostly located there. Furthermore, a lot of people talk about financial and social issues occurring in society; thus, they mentioned how students also become interested in the topics.
Attending HKUST itself was also a worthwhile experience. Apart from the generous support from the university, the government also supports student research. In Korea, the research system is highly dependent on given assignments. HKUST, however, encourages students to research based on their interest. Even if there are assignments, they are not as extreme. HKUST also cares for each student. For example, Ph. D. students are provided with funds for business trips three times throughout the program. The several staff members working for each department, doubled the number of staff members in Korean universities, and the easy communication between the departments, more attention can be spent to each student. Students are well informed with information. Though there are not a lot of industries related to engineering in Hong Kong, if there are industries that are interested in recruiting students, the university connects them with the industries.
Education in HKUST is all performed in English; thus, the campus is welcoming to foreigners. If a Professor performs the lecture in another language, students can report the professor to the university. Students in HKUST are enthusiastic in their learning. After each lecture, there are at least 10 students in line in front of the professor to ask questions. Even during the lecture, students are encouraged to either ask or answer questions.
But the fact that some students receive high amount of stress cannot be neglected. One of the main reasons is due to their scholarship. Some need to support their families with the scholarship that they receive. The thought of losing the scholarship can create a dangerously high level of stress.
In general, studying abroad gave a lot of different experiences for both Kim and Song. They have been able to broaden their perspectives, improve their English skills, and learn more about their academic fields.