Woman Career Mentoring Program by Alumni of POSTECH
Woman Career Mentoring Program by Alumni of POSTECH
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2013.12.04 22:15
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Women Career Mentoring Program was held in MuEunJae Memorial Hall on Nov. 23. Five mentors came to POSTECH to encourage women in POSTECH: Kim Yeon-hwa (CHEM M.S. 06), officer of S&T Policy Planning in Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP), Kim Tae-yoon (LIFE 08), member of R&D in Glaxo Smithkline Plc, Miock Mun (PHYS Ph.D. 97), general manager of Korea Advanced Institute of Women in Science Engineering and Technology (WISET), Son Myeong-sun (CSE 92), headhunter and head of CAREER Connect, and Jeong Min-sun (CHEM Ph.D.11), member of SK innovation technology strategy planning board.
The five mentors each gave lectures about recovering femininity, personal experience establishing careers, and daring to discover new things.
In addition to these lectures, participants had time to map their career paths and seek advice about their career paths to the mentors. They said it was a really good program to hear about life as a career woman. In terms of ways the program could be improved, participants just wished they had had more time to spend with the mentors.                

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