Political Implications of Historical Debate
Political Implications of Historical Debate
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2013.11.20 15:27
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Lee In-ho, the Chairperson of The ASAN Institute for Policy Studies, deli- vered the lecture “Political implication of historical debate” in POSCO Inte national Center on Nov. 7. During the lecture, Chairperson Lee reflected on Korean politics since 1900s until now and insisted that politics should not be implemented through distorting history. She emphasized the importance of honest history education. An incorrect education of history, she explained, can lead people to receive the distorted history undoubtedly and even distort it themselves.
In addition, she said, “we have to know about North Korea to unify. We should not conceal but face the truth that our support to North Korea made some problems in the country. The more we know about the truth, the more our society can reach the goal of unifying with North Korea and creating democracy.” Chairperson Lee is a member of the National Board of Senior Advisers and has worked at various positions such as the Korean Ambassador to the Russian Federation and the National Commission on Globalization.


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