Alumnus CEO Lee Gives Message to Postechians
Alumnus CEO Lee Gives Message to Postechians
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2013.11.06 14:43
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Jae-seok Lee, CEO of SimpleX Internet founded in 1998, gave a lecture for Poste- chians as an alumnus on Oct. 28. SimpleX Internet provides web hosting and server hosting service. He earned a Bachelor of physics in POSTECH in 1993. He handed down practical business theories He has accumulated during 14 years. This lecture was a part of POSTECH Technology based Entrepreneurship Program (POSTEP).
He explained some essential parts in enterprise operation management, such as selecting business items according to the stage of social development, effective marketing strategies, and the importance of communication in organizations. He attracted audiences’ interest by giving three examples from Japanese history when he explained various managing methods. He emphasized the importance of communication and reconciliation between CEO and followers to have positive trust beyond sharing simple information. Because of that, he said that the management style of CEO and a reasonable attitude of members depending on the circumstances are necessary.
In addition, he encouraged Postechians to cheer up. He stated, “school days are one of the most important periods in which you can construct the human relationships, an asset in your life. I hope that it can be a meaningful period during which you build credibility with your partners beyond a monetary interest”.