First Asian World-best Young Scientist from IJP
First Asian World-best Young Scientist from IJP
  • Reporter Park Do-won
  • 승인 2013.11.06 14:41
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POSTECH Grad-uate Institute of Ferrous Technology’s (GIFT) Professor Myoung-Gyu Lee was chosen as a winner of the “International Journal of Plasticity (IJP) Young Researcher Award.”
IJP is a prestigious journal that has the highest influence value among the more than 200 academic journals in the field of mechanical engineering. This award is given to the researcher who makes the most significant contribution to academic development (based on an overall assessment consisting of an appraisal of papers, the number of citations, and domestic and foreign academic activity over five years). The winner is recognized as being the most brilliant scientist among researchers who have earned their doctorate in the field of solid mechanics and plasticity with the last 15 years.
This is the first time that an Asian researcher has won this award. North American researchers are usually the recipient of this award.
The awards ceremony will be held next January, at the “International Journal of Plasticity Conference 2014” in the Bahamas.