Alumni Advice: If I had known I’d be here at that time
Alumni Advice: If I had known I’d be here at that time
  • Reporter Park Do-won
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Everyone would agree that the competitive edge of a university comes from its graduates. In that sense, POSTECH is the most competitive because our alumnus are actively moving out at center of various fields actively. “If I had known I? be here at that time” (in Korean “지금 이 길을 그 때도 알았더라면”) is the book that POSTECH alumni made to give their experiences and lessons to students in natural science and engineering. The Postech Times interviewed three of the authors and recorded some of their advice and lessons in response to these following three questions.
1. What do you want to say to students through your writing?
2. Are there any stories or good sayings that you would like to give in this article?
3. Do you have any words for Postechians?

☞Seong Jin Park (Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH)
1. Authors of the book, including myself, wanted to tell about varied courses after graduation and help students plan their future by sharing our personal experience.
2. I asked students of my class to write an essay about planning after graduation at the first class day. At first, I wanted to make a book using those essays after 10 years, but I changed my mind to publish the book right now by gathering essays from alumni. This book is published as a fruit of the efforts of looking for and interviewing writers for over a year.
3. POSTECH students should know that they are receiving greater benefits than any other universities’ students. They must have a strong sense of social responsibility.

☞ Mihyun Lee (Policy Specialist for Science & Technology and Business)
1. Being a woman in science and engineering domain is lonely in many ways. I wanted to let them know they are not alone in the battle of learning to be a good student and buddy (at school), sister/mother/daughter (at home), and, at the same time, an engineer. Also, to discover that delicate balance of what you know and what you want to be is a tough journey for most of us.
2. I’d love to share my favorite quote from Robert Kennedy, which he mentioned at Cape Town on June 6, 1966. In addition to this, I want to tell you about another good saying, “I would never have amounted to anything without adversity. I was forced to come up the hard way-Honor, Confidence, Service and Cooperation” by James Cash Penney.
3. First, do not feel fear about the English lectures of POSTECH. It really benefits you after graduation. Just enjoy. Second, please continue to encourage each other in difficult times and take good care of your health. Cultivate your inner depth.

☞ Byungil Choi (Admission Officer of POSTECH)
1.Postechians should keep their eye on finding their career path after graduation. I want students to live a life that is enjoyable to themselves rather than a life that looks good to other people.
2. During my journey to Africa, I missed the bus and had to wait for three years for the next bus. I was very frightened at the first time, but I accepted the situation finally. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. Live everyday sincerely and have composure throughout your life.
3. I want to tell my students, “It’s okay! You are not alone in this hard time.” Other friends are also in hard times like you, and seniors who now ride higher were the same as you at POSTECH. Don’t try to do better than other people, but try to do better than yesterday.