Unlimited Ability and Passion of CE Students
Unlimited Ability and Passion of CE Students
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2013.11.06 14:37
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A room for Chemical Engineering (CE) undergraduates in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering Building was reopened on Sep. 16. Other departments also have their rooms but it is more meaningful because CE students made it from design to painting without any outside experts.
 Before they remodeled, it was filled with old computers, worn-out couches, and trash. Students seldom used the room. When they did, it was just to print something or to take a nap. Professor Lee Kun Hong (CE) planned to remodel the room for a space for students. He suggested that students make it themselves. Prof. Lee said, “The world needs a leader who is able to do more than just study. POSTECH mostly trains students to improve their knowledge, which is just one of the various conditions of leader. I hope that students have various experiences and become positive and active through the chance. I hope it will be a first step to the world.”
At first others said “Why do you do that? Just entrust a company with the remodeling.” But Lee Jin Gyou (CE 11), the undergraduate representative, decided to make it and collect ideas for the design of the room and persons to work together. About 17 people gathered from Jul. to Aug., even though that was summer vacation. The design by Kim Dae Gun (CE 11) was selected for its practicality. He said “I placed emphasis on separation between rest and study place.” Lee Jin Gyou divided parts in “Goods Management”, “Connect with Company” and “Labor”, and the junior class students became team leaders. The Goods Management team, led bt Lee Hae Min (CE 11) cleaned the room but the worn-out couch and computers, and investigated what products were needed. The Connect With Company team investigated light fixtures, linoleum, and furniture and modified the design. Kim Dae Gun, the team leader said “As budget was decreased we had to change the design and buy cheaper materials. So we searched through online sites and many stores in person. As a result, we were able to buy good, cheap, and trusted products.” The Labor team took on the biggest construct under lead of Kim Dong Hyung (CE 11). In Aug., they adjusted teams and started to hang new paper, paint, and cover the floor. Although Kim Dae Gun hurt his toe, they finished remodeling successfully. The room is a result of the sweat of students, who worked from a few hour to 10 hours a day without vacation.
Lee Jin Gyou said, “At first we did not know what to do. But as the room changed, we felt that we are Postechians, who can do anything if we have passion.”Jung So Yeon (CE 13), who was the first to apply to help, said, “I wanted to do something for the department and I thought it is more valuable than vacation”. Like these students, many students said, “Through this chance we learned responsibility and felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. We now know we can do anything.”
Chief Lee said “To make sure is more important than just to make.” The Department of entertainment in CE takes care of the room and supply needs. Students can utilize it for Students Mentor Program (SMP), meetings, rest, and studying with others. About ten students come to the room every day, even though it is on the fourth floor.
Prof. Lee said, “A masterpiece is not made in short time. We have to throw away mind to complete something at once. I am not contented with the present. Even a small change is a step towards world class. Our department will consistently support this environment.”