Enlarging the Advertisement Scale
Enlarging the Advertisement Scale
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.10.16 12:09
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Although the Science War between POSTECH and KAIST is one of the main festivals for Postechians, it is not well advertised compared to the festival between Yonsei University and Korea University. According to External Relations and Communications, the event is not appealing enough to be advertised widely, especially in newspapers. The underlying reason is that although this event is called the ‘Science War,’ the contents of the competitions are general. The only competitions that really require scientific knowledge are the hacking competition, AI, and the science quiz. But even the science quiz contained some general facts or nonsense quiz. The other competitions include basketball, soccer, baseball, and e-sports (League of Legends). As the two universities are famous in the field of science and technology, the general audience has high expectations that the two universities’ students will use scientific knowledge to compete. However, there is a larger proportion of activities that do not involve scientific knowledge; thus, External Relations and Communications emphasized the lack of appeal for the general audience. They have tried to advertise the Science War in the past, when POSTECH was the host. Last year, when POSTECH was the host, the team planned to film the three day documentary program hosted on KBS, but the plan was not enacted due to some difficulties.
External Relations and Communications claimed that there are prominent factors that cause the difference between the festivals of POSTECH & KAIST and those of Yonsei University & Korea University, explaining the reasons for the difference in the festival’s advertisement scale. First of all, there is a huge difference in the number of students involved in the festivals. As POSTECH and KAIST only accept approximately 330 and 850 undergraduate students each year, Yonsei and Korea University both accept over 3000 students per year. Naturally, a larger pool of people becomes more interested in the festival with a larger number of students, whatever relationships the people might have with the students. In addition to that, while POSTECH & KAIST are science and technology oriented universities, the two other universities are not specialized in such areas; hence, as the competitions are composed of popular sports, more people could be drawn to the festival. Furthermore, as there are also students who major in performing arts or in sports, the quality of the competitions is higher than that of science and engineering students.
External Relations and Communications are somewhat interested in expanding the advertisement of the Science War. But unless there is a fresh approach to the Science War, they commented, it is unlikely that the scale would increase. External Relations and Communications plans to advertise more aggresively to attract larger crowds from inside and outside the university, but it also encourages students to become more enthusiastic about their festival. If students also have consciousness of master and participate in their festival, POSTECH & KAIST Science War become a attractive festival which could be comparing with those of Yonsei and Korea University.

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