POSTECH’s Majors Rise Above Others’
POSTECH’s Majors Rise Above Others’
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.09.25 15:29
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On Sep. 3, Korea JoongAng Daily published the Joongang Education Development Institute (JEDI)’s university research ranking results, which indicates where the most outstanding majors are located. It focused on ten majors for universities specializing in science and technology and compared a total of 138 universities that require a four-year course. The data were based on information from the educational environment, professors’ ability , financial support, and educational effects. The results showed that POSTECH is the most outstanding university for five majors: Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, and Chemical Engineering. The other five majors included  Architecture, Food & Nutrition, Phar -macology, Statistics, and Environmental Engineering. Analyzing the data, it can be seen that for all the undergraduate majors that POSTECH has were considered exceptional. Among the five majors, POSTECH’s Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering majors have ranked first for four consecutive years. Aspects such as the professors’ ability and financial support were ranked particularly high. The Industrial Engineering Professors’ number of Science Citation Index (SCI) ranked first among the majors appraised with 1.08 theses per person. The amount of scholarship given to students per semester is 285 million KRW, which ranked second highest among forty-seven universities. The average scholarship given to undergraduate students among the universities is around 0.8 million KRW. According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Education, the scholarship data were a bit different. It declared that POSTECH came in third place for scholarship provided per enrolled student (5.56 million KRW), but ranked first for the amount of educational investment on the students (90.08 million KRW). JEDI also reported a higher employment rate of professors who were also active researchers.

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